The Indiana countryside is dotted with farms and barns. They are everywhere and thank goodness for that, but so many of them are in disrepair.  I was driving home yesterday and passed a barn that had given up the ghost. Roof and walls caved in, exposing the interior to the weather. It made me sad. The barn was right next to the house. I wondered, as I drove by, why the owners never sought out a solution for their barn. Did they not know what a treasure they had? Did they not care? Timeless Barn Company is all about barns. We take them down, we put them up, we make homes out of them, and we make amazing things from the wood that comes out of them. Trees that produce wood like this don't grow anymore. These barns were built when this country was young. Imagine a time before cell phones, before computers ....before CARS! The trees grew tall and strong and straight and plentiful. The settlers that cut them down didn't use chainsaws. They used axes and it was hard work, so the settlers didn't waste any of it, and they appreciated the beauty of what they created with these trees because they had no machinery to help them, and they understood that what they were building would last for generations. And, they have. These barns have stood for a few centuries. The big red barn on our family property has been there for a few hundred years. However....barns, like anything, fall apart without care. Termites and other pests get into the wood, holes form and let in the rain and snow. If a barn isn't maintained, it winds up looking like that poor sad barn I saw the other day.  Many people can't afford to maintain their barns, especially if the barn is no longer being used for livestock or to house farm equipment. Modern pole barns are popping up everywhere. People wait until their barns fall down to call a company like Timeless Barn Company. By the time they call us, there isn't anything left worth saving. If you have a barn you can't maintain, call us! If you don't want to call us, call SOMEONE! Save the wood, the beams, the these can be repurposed into amazing things. It's the ultimate in recycling!