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Timeless Barn Company is all about barns. We love them! Their contribution to our lives throughout history is immeasurable. They have dotted our landscapes for decades, and most of us don’t pay much attention to them. Built over two centuries ago, they sheltered our livestock, and kept our hay, straw, farm equipment, and grains dry. Built using hand-hewn beams from trees the likes of which we will never see again, they were made to last. But, nothing lasts forever, and over the years they have fallen into disrepair and have been allowed to deteriorate and fall down, rendering the precious wood and timbers inside useless. They are rapidly disappearing from our lives, being replaced by metal pole barns which are useful, but lack the charm, history, and character of barns of the past.

Oh…the stories barn beams could tell!! We want to emphasize how important it is to save as many of these old barns as we can. If you have a barn you don’t use and don’t want…don’t wait for it to fall down!!! Call us!

We take old barns and turn them into amazing things. There is nothing comparable to the old growth forest wood that went into an 1800s barn. If we don’t save them, they will eventually become only memories in books and movies.

Timeless Barn Company can take this:


And turn it into this:


Barn wood and beams are not just for barns anymore! So, next time you are driving down a country road and you see an old barn, pause for just a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that went into creating it.